LED Engine Compartment Light (E.C.L.) KIT - Hood Light Kit for Toyota 5th Gen 4Runner

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yodaTEQ Engine Compartment Lighting (ECL) KIT is designed and built for the Toyota 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner.

For overland, expedition, offroad, dual battery, tire inflation setups, etc. When night time engine access is necessary...rely on "yodaTEQ's Engine Compartment Light (ECL) Kit" AKA Hood Lighting Kit

We have designed this KIT with your engine compartments dimensions, hood design and engine bay layout. Our goal was to design a KIT that would be functional, provide dependability when you needed it, offer a very clean design with ease of installation.

This KIT comes complete with the wiring harness/water proof LED strip, water proof fuse holder, fuses, pin switch and all necessary items for a clean installation. All connections are professionally fitted, crimped and protected/insulated with Heat Shrink Wrap Cable Sleeve Tubing. Harness and wiring are protected by PET Braided cable sleeving, LED light strip is joined to wiring harness via soldering and both ends are protected & terminated by heat shrink. Our LED Light strip uses 3M VHB Adhesive Transfer Tape F9473PC that is applied by hand at the time of assembly. 

Kit includes:

Qty Part: 
 (1) Engine Compartment Light (E.C.L.)  Harness w/ 3M VHB Tape
 (1) Inline AC Fuse Holder
 (3) Cable Mounts with 3m VHB Tape*
 (2) 7.5 amp ATC Fuses
 (1) Pin Switch - ground activated
 (3) 4"  Zip Ties - Self-locking nylon cable
 (3) 6"  Zip Ties - Self-locking nylon cable
 (3) 8"  Zip Ties - Self-locking nylon cable

*Our Cable Mounts also use 3M VHB Adhesive Tape 5952 applied by hand at assembly

Hood Lighting Kit

Our braided cable sleeving is braided from 10 mil PolyEthylene Terephthalate Monofilament yarns. (PET) 



Our LED Light Strip use 3M VHB Adhesive Transfer Tape F9473PC
Temp Resistance Lower (deg F) -40 Degree Fahrenheit
Temp Resistance  Upper (deg F) 500 Degree Fahrenheit

Our Cable Mounts also use 3M VHB Adhesive Tape 5952




3M VHB TAPES are high-strength bonding tapes and a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners.

Unlike screws or rivets which join materials at a single point, high-strength bonding tape permanently adheres one substrate to another while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once materials are joined with 3M VHB TAPE a virtually indestructible weld is created.

Customer Reviews

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4Runner 2022 led light kit

This led light kit is awesome! I was impressed with how much the engine compartment is illuminated with this kit. The wires/pressure switch are all quality items. On the 4Runner with the led strip mounted right behind the weather stripping on the hood, you don’t get blinded by the light.

5th gen 4runner ECL

Great quality product. Easy to install and provides a ton of light across entire engine bay. Love the care taken to PET Sleeve the perfectly measured wiring harness and allow for quick connections

Ryan R Customer
Great product

Works just the way it should , no expense spared on the wiring or loom material. I’d recommend to anyone who wants a light under the hood of their Toyota.

Great product

Great product - light is fantastic. Kit was very thoughtfully put together with high-quality components. Would buy again.

Von Stell
Engine bay LED

Lights are very bright. Easy installation